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Provermarine is a company specialized in tramping.

Tramping refers to maritime navigation without a fixed route or regular schedule, where ships are chartered for specific voyages subject too one’s needs. We are not satisfied with the simple smooth running of a call. We aim to respond efficiently to various requests to optimize the speed of vessel calls. The quality of service is the core of our concerns. With a current team of 5 people, we are also brokers and freight forwarders. We also represent Dutch shipowners Vertom for France and have a national network of shipping agents in all French ports.

At Provermarine Shipping Agencies

The concept of services is essential

The role of shipping agent, as we understand it, is not limited to the smooth running of a call.

It is currently essential to be able to respond to any type of request quickly and reliably in order to optimize the port stay and thus satisfy our customers.

Through our network in France, we are able to handle calls in order to serve the interests of our customers in the best possible way.

+ 0 years

+ 13 years of experience

+ 0 days

+ 5000 days without interruption at the services of our customers


From 200 to 300 calls handled per year.

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